17 July 2012

Came home to my unfinished bike, I'm struggling with cutting a perfectly good frame. Might have to buy one of those V twin cheap Chinese one that are a bugger to put your engine in, least thats what I have heard.


Rise and shine


My mate built a Cobra that I wish was mine. Sorry for the poor quality but it sounds good through the tunnels on the way to Monaco to check out the classic Grand Prix.

I have just spent 3 months in France. Great time, went to a bricolag could have bought  loads of stuff. Here are some things I enjoyed.

13 September 2011

Zero Fabrication Japan

This is a sweet cafe sporty.

8 September 2011

Xr1200 on a diet

Jason Wonder built this. Hi ditched the EFI, went with a carb and claims to have lost 120 lbs. As an XR owner I'm inspired, trying to improve the handling has been a challenge without spending a small fortune. Apparently the EFI is 25 lbs, where he lost the other 100 I cant see !

Born Free

I found this bike from Born free 3 . Don't know who built it but its not often you see a chopper with shocks that looks this good. I really like it. As my back suffers more and more, this looks like a nice option.

13 August 2011

XR Dirt

After a day of hot tarmac and dirt we found this great steak you cook yourself on a hot stone. Don't get much better than that.

19 July 2011

15 July 2011


My last days in Indo before moving back to Aus, ran around snapping some local flavor.

19 January 2011

Boys and toys

My son tells me his favorite colour is green.

2 January 2011

Poppies galore

Well a new year. I just went on a trip to Tassi, fantastic ! The roads are the best I have ridden in Australia, fast and safe ! A beautiful island.

This tree is over 2000 years old, Have a closer look at history.
We had a great trip. I recommend spending a few weeks there. Friendly people. All in all fucking awesome.

19 December 2010

Electraglide in blue

A new member of the family. 68 genyshovel in completely original condition. Could I chop it ? No ! A few up grades may be in order though.

Half job XS

Hats off to the painter for his excellent paint job. He did not have a lot of time, the show was days away. Bless him. Selwyn who worked his ass off to get the wiring done the night before the show. Thanks to all, you know who you are.

Sporty build off

I put this sportster together for my mate Thom. He entered it in the Deus build off for fun. I think lots of people liked it although it did not fit the criteria of the show, still he is very happy with his new scoot and I enjoyed it as well. The pics don't do the flake paint any justice, it certainly pops in the sun.

14 November 2010

Matt Machine built this beauty. Mountain bike leavers and tasty little fairing. What can I say nice. Lucky man who owns this pan.

13 November 2010

I was riding down the coast and came across this nice Indian. Don't see these every day here in Australia.
My 2.5 year old son already getting the hang of it.
Yes its a Vespa, gota start somewhere.

XS Chop

This is the new build we are on. Going to try and finnish it for the Deus show on 27th Nov. Still lots of fabricating to get done. Keep ya posted.

New project

Bought this Panshovel recently. Got a whole lot of ideas for her, so now not sure where to start.

Very cool

I really like this bike. Brat style built. I am going to build something like this for my self. I just bought a 58 frame,now just got to get the motor and all the other shit. The only thing I fined strange is that S&S only give you 1 year warranty on these Knuckles. So is that confidence inspiring ? Love to here from any one running one.

27 August 2010

Relaxing in the shade. 12 days of grabbing anything that wasn't bolted to another bike to create the Sportenstein !

Well its been ages since I put anything up, life has been hectic. I got my sporty together in 12 days, just in time for the Bali chopper fest. So not really finished but I was happy and my Kickass brothers and I had fun. A big thanks for your help boys.

17 July 2009

My new project

I picked this frame up cheap, now the fun begins !

22 June 2009


I like walas, this one i found on the way home, nice and mostly original, started first kick. Yours for 8k US.

23 April 2009

A bit of local flavor

This is a 70s Kwaka 200cc single, completely hand made on no budget , I like the single spring front end. Sorry not the best pic, I was rushing.